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A promo image for Fresh Faces


Newzones’s 3rd edition of FreshFaces, a curated exhibition which brings together select artists from North America for a one-time group showing. FreshFaces analyzes the ways in which the artists challenges the traditional use of materials and formal aesthetics through painting, photography, mixed media and sculpture.

see website for gallery hours
Location: Newzones Gallery (730 11th Ave. SW)Free
A promo image for form(ed)


Carissa Baktay’s Form(ed) presents a series of O.O.U.U.’s (Objects Of Unidentified Uses) exploring memory, body, and femininity. Blown glass, hair and textile reference the artist’s bodily experience and serve as symbols for storytelling. These mixed material sculptures come to life through intuitive process and intimate performative acts.

A promo image for See Me. Hear Me.

See me. Hear me.

See me. Hear me. is a creative artistic collaboration relating to the theme of empathy. Through the gallery, workshops and events, local artists and facilitators will have the opportunity to show their work while bringing awareness to the healing power of the arts. There’s something for all ages!

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Location: Canopy Studios & Sparrow ArtSpacePrices Vary
A promo image for Carlos Colin Little Mexico

Little México

The project Little México Carlos Colín critically engages with the community of Mexican labourers, their socio-political-cultural diasporic contribution to British Columbia, where the project was created, and Canada. Check it out at The New Gallery main space!

see website for gallery hours
Location: The New Gallery (208 Centre St. S)Free
A promo image for Treelines — Here and There

Treelines – Here and There

Gwen MacGregor explores the multilayered and contradictory relationships that settlers on Turtle Island have to land. Her installation, Treelines – Here and There brings together photographs and videos with a forest of crocheted trees—altering perspectives, toying with memory, loss, and environmental degradation.

Image of Lemay & Oomen

Lemay & Oomen

Celebrating mom with flowers! Robert Lemay and Hilda Oomen come together each with their own approach and perspective on flowers in this exhibition presented by Wallace Galleries. Make sure to swing by and check it out!

see website for gallery hours
Location: Wallace Galleries (500 5th Ave. SW)Free
A promo image for Prairie Persuasion

Prairie Persuasion

Join Heritage Park for the newest temporary exhibit Prairie Persuasion: Communication and Propaganda in Southern Alberta.  Beginning in the 1860s, propaganda was everywhere. It brought settlers and tourists to the province, helped form community groups, enlisted troops for war efforts and opened doors for fake remedies and advertisements.

Image of text that reads Calgary Artists Studio Tour

Calgary Artists Studio Tour

On this self-guided tour, meet Calgary’s emerging and established artists while you tour around the city at your own pace. All ages are welcome to learn about each artist’s process, view their work and ask as many questions as you’d like!

see website for schedule
Location: Various venuesFree
A promo image for Good Job Arcade

Good Job Arcade

Good Job Arcade is a Teresa Tam led project that utilizes work and play to explore themes of asynchronicity experienced by diaspora communities that form into nostalgia. Visitors have the chance to engage in all of their senses, with many little treasures and moments to find.

see website for gallery hours
Location: TRUCK Contemporary Art (2009 10th Ave. SW)Free
Image of animal sculptures made from industrial waste

Human Sprawl

With this installation, Michelle Atkinson explores humanity’s tendency to live in excess with personal consumption impacting biodiversity. Born from industrial waste, animal sculptures were created from thick kiln-cast slabs of once broken office window glass destined for the landfill. Check it out!

A black and white image of Louis Riel

Devotion: Louis Riel Writes Home

In 2022 the University of Calgary’s Libraries and Cultural Resources acquired an important collection of archival materials from the descendants of Louis Riel. A selection of personal artifacts from this collection is featured in this Nickle Galleries’ exhibition. Be sure to check it out!

Image of arts and craft supplies on table

Mixed Media Collage

Unleash your creativity in our mixed media collage workshop! Learn basic layering techniques to create stunning collages using papers and ephemera. Join artist Claudia Lorenz and bring your imagination to life with layers, paint, and illustrations. No prior experience needed — this workshop is perfect for beginners!

Showtime: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: 4th Spot Kitchen & Bar (2620 4th St. NW)$40
A promo image for Woman's Work

Woman’s Work

After learning that job losses disproportionately affected women during the pandemic, artist Veronica FunkF created the project Woman’s Work which includes portrait paintings and stories of women from around the world. Check out the exhibition as well as a number of events during its run!

see website for gallery hours
Location: Sparrow Artspace (36 4th St. NE)Prices Vary


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