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A photo of Everywhere We Are on display at Contemporary Calgary

Everywhere We Are

An ambitious exhibition and public program series addressing challenges, merits, impacts, and advantages associated with art collecting, it is intended to express that boundaries are often mutable, flexible and even artificial, and that art is owned by the person who sees it.

See website for gallery hours
Location: Contemporary Calgary (701 11th St. SW)With Admission
A graphic for the Latin American Arts & Culture Festival

Latin American Arts & Culture Festival

The festival features a visual arts exhibition, Latin American country cultural displays, a program including a large array of diverse artistic expressions including theatre, conversations, musical performances, activities for children, gastronomy demonstrations, and much more!

See website for schedule
Location: Various VenuesPrices Vary
A graphic for the The Boxed Stories Gallery at Loft 112

The Boxed Stories Gallery

This is a truly unique experience for artists and viewers alike! Housed within a vintage card catalogue, the library’s one time answer to organizing a collection of books for readers to locate on a shelf, visitors will be encouraged to discover varied artworks as they open each drawer.

See website to book a viewing
Location: Loft 112 (112, 535 8th Ave. SE)$5
An image of text for Pulling Back the paper

Pulling Back the Paper

This interactive project curated by Su Ying Strang at The New Gallery is an archival exhibition and research lab that gathers and shares the expansive histories of two intersecting communities from The New Gallery’s past and present— the Calgary faction of the Minquon Panchayat and Calgary Chinatown.

See website for gallery hours
Location: The New Gallery (208 Centre St. SE)Free
A graphic for In Between at Loft 112

In Between

Experience this beautiful shared exhibit by local artists Lancette Burton and Stacey Walyuchow. It’s an exhibit of work representing those moments in life where we find ourselves situated somewhere between two extremes or the feeling of being on the brink of something new.

See website for gallery hours
Location: Loft 112 (112, 535 8th Ave. SE)$5
A dramatic photograph of a person with long hair

Legends of the Trans

This photographic work continues Vivek Shraya’s queering of performance, photography, and storytelling to reflect an ever-evolving notion of herself and the immense value of non-conforming role models. Making is a way to disrupt these hierarchies and break the rules.

See website for gallery hours
Location: Esker Foundation (1011 9th Ave. SE)Free
An image of artwork for Threads of Sonder

Threads of Sonder

What happens when we release a story into the wild and trust someone to create something tangible with it? This collection of work by Tara Victoria represents the ups and downs of being human in hopes to allow viewers to see themselves in someone else.

See website for details
Location: NVRLND (1048 21st Ave. SE)Free
An image of Brittney Bear Hat

Brittney Bear Hat

Brittney Bear Hat’s work explores this cultural lineage through installation, photography, text and collage. Her work also explores identity, and adds to the rich stories of her home territories. Join the U of C Faculty of Arts for an Artist Talk with Bear Hat.

Showtime: 11:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Stream OnlineFree
An ad for New Normal exhibition

New Normal

Ruberto Ostberg Gallery presents New Normal, an exhibition that gives you a peek into the artist’s process and practices during the past 18 months. This exhibition will include new and older work that artists have chosen to represent their idea of a “New Normal”. Be sure to check it out!

See website for gallery hours
Location: Ruberto Ostberg Gallery (2108 18th St. NW)Free
Cropped image of Chris Kuzmanovich's painting “the world is so fucked up”,

track seven

Christine Klassen Gallery is pleased to announce Calgary artist Chris Kuzmanovich’s solo exhibition of new work, track seven. Embracing a bold pallette, each painting is an homage to a song important to Kuzmanovich. Be sure to check it out!

See website for gallery hours
Location: Christine Klassen Gallery (321 50th Ave. SE)Free


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