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A promo image for Fresh Faces


Newzones’s 3rd edition of FreshFaces, a curated exhibition which brings together select artists from North America for a one-time group showing. FreshFaces analyzes the ways in which the artists challenges the traditional use of materials and formal aesthetics through painting, photography, mixed media and sculpture.

see website for gallery hours
Location: Newzones Gallery (730 11th Ave. SW)Free
A promo image for See Me. Hear Me.

See me. Hear me.

See me. Hear me. is a creative artistic collaboration relating to the theme of empathy. Through the gallery, workshops and events, local artists and facilitators will have the opportunity to show their work while bringing awareness to the healing power of the arts. There’s something for all ages!

see website for schedule
Location: Canopy Studios & Sparrow ArtSpacePrices Vary
A promo image for Carlos Colin Little Mexico

Little México

The project Little México Carlos Colín critically engages with the community of Mexican labourers, their socio-political-cultural diasporic contribution to British Columbia, where the project was created, and Canada. Check it out at The New Gallery main space!

see website for gallery hours
Location: The New Gallery (208 Centre St. S)Free
A promo image for Treelines — Here and There

Treelines – Here and There

Gwen MacGregor explores the multilayered and contradictory relationships that settlers on Turtle Island have to land. Her installation, Treelines – Here and There brings together photographs and videos with a forest of crocheted trees—altering perspectives, toying with memory, loss, and environmental degradation.

Image of Lemay & Oomen

Lemay & Oomen

Celebrating mom with flowers! Robert Lemay and Hilda Oomen come together each with their own approach and perspective on flowers in this exhibition presented by Wallace Galleries. Make sure to swing by and check it out!

see website for gallery hours
Location: Wallace Galleries (500 5th Ave. SW)Free
Ariel view of Central Memorial Park with text that reads Farmers & Makers Market Beltline

Farmers & Makers Market Beltline

Located in Calgary’s oldest public park, The Farmers & Makers Market takes place every Wednesday among the beautiful gardens and water features of Central Memorial Park. Each week, you’ll find 45+ local farms and producers, ready-to-eat food, live music and their free, drop-in kids arts & culture program.

Showtime: 3:00pm – 7:00pm
Location: Central Memorial Park (1221 2nd St. SW)Free
Image of text that reads Calgary Artists Studio Tour

Calgary Artists Studio Tour

On this self-guided tour, meet Calgary’s emerging and established artists while you tour around the city at your own pace. All ages are welcome to learn about each artist’s process, view their work and ask as many questions as you’d like!

see website for schedule
Location: Various venuesFree
A promo image for Good Job Arcade

Good Job Arcade

Good Job Arcade is a Teresa Tam led project that utilizes work and play to explore themes of asynchronicity experienced by diaspora communities that form into nostalgia. Visitors have the chance to engage in all of their senses, with many little treasures and moments to find.

see website for gallery hours
Location: TRUCK Contemporary Art (2009 10th Ave. SW)Free
A black and white image of Louis Riel

Devotion: Louis Riel Writes Home

In 2022 the University of Calgary’s Libraries and Cultural Resources acquired an important collection of archival materials from the descendants of Louis Riel. A selection of personal artifacts from this collection is featured in this Nickle Galleries’ exhibition. Be sure to check it out!

A promo image for UD Night Markets

U/D Night Markets

Marketspot is once again partnering up with University District for U/D Night Markets taking place at Central Commons Park, surrounded by beautiful landscaping, a stage, fire pits and more! Stop by for a chance to support over 30 local vendors and enjoy live music and entertainment.

Showtime: 5:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: Central Commons Park (4019 University Ave. NW)Free
A promo image for Woman's Work

Woman’s Work

After learning that job losses disproportionately affected women during the pandemic, artist Veronica FunkF created the project Woman’s Work which includes portrait paintings and stories of women from around the world. Check out the exhibition as well as a number of events during its run!

see website for gallery hours
Location: Sparrow Artspace (36 4th St. NE)Prices Vary
Image of Morgan Melenka: A provisional vista on exhibition at Esker Foundation

A Provisional Vista

Morgan Melenka is a visual artist based in Mohkinstsis who engages with sculpture and printmaking as she misuses architectural forms and materials to engage with history and place. Be sure to check out her latest exhibition in Esker Foundation’s Bridge Space!

see website for gallery hours
Location: Esker Foundation (4th floor, 1011 9 Ave SE)Free
Image of Pulse of the Planet exhibition

Pulse of the Planet

Pulse of the Planet is a major solo exhibition by Paris/Sydney-based artist Mel O’Callaghan that synthesizes several years of research, collaborations, and ways of knowing. For the last twenty years, O’Callaghan has explored resonant objects, spaces, and tools and how they affect, codify, and connect bodies.  

see website for gallery hours
Location: Esker Foundation (4th floor, 1011 9 Ave SE)Free
Image of promo poster for She Walked Away

She Walked Away

Two creatives join forces for She Walked Away and art show and book launch. Ancient forests beckon visual artist Caryl Skauge as writer and actor Lana Skauge pulls us to a new path where she decided to “walk away”. Don’t miss it!

Showtime: 1:00pm – 5:30pm
Location: Nvrlnd Boutique (1048 21st Ave. SE)Free
A promo image for Unarchived


Rainbow Elders Calgary presents a screening of the recent National Film Board documentary Unarchived. This feature-length documentary follows local knowledge keepers fighting for a more inclusive history through family photos, newspaper articles and deeply rooted memories. Unarchived surveys the inspiring work of community archives across various B.C. communities.    

An image from Mel O'Callaghan's Pulse of the Plane

Take a Deep Breath

Join Esker Foundation Director/Curator Naomi Potter for a tour of our current exhibition: Mel O’Callaghan’s Pulse of the Planet. Pulse of the Planet, a major solo exhibition by Paris/Sydney-based artist Mel O’Callaghan that synthesizes several years of collaborations and ways of knowing. Register now!

Showtime: 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Location: Esker Foundation (4th floor, 1011 9 Ave SE)Free
A promo image for First Sound Last Sound

First Sound, Last Sound

At the centre of the exhibition “Pulse of the Planet” by Mel O’Callaghan is a performance, “First Sound, Last Sound” featuring two large-scale tuning forks. During a series of performances performers and audience members become conduits for sympathetic sound and are called into awareness of their own somatic rhythms.

see website for showtimes
Location: Esker Foundation (4th floor, 1721 29th Ave. SW)Free


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