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Image of tour viewing a sculpture

Sculpture Park

At Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre, nature is their gallery. Their sculpture park celebrates the relationship between sculpture and nature. Visitors experience large, medium and small-scale outdoor sculptures and site-specific commissions under the open sky. Book a guided tour or drop by to explore at your own pace!

See website for gallery hours
Location: Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre (244034 Horizon View Rd.)Free - $25
A promo image for The Chandelier Club

Chandelier Club Burlesque

Welcome to The Chandelier Club! Nestled inside Inglewood’s hottest cocktail lounge, The Attic Bar & Stage, join them as their effortlessly glamorous burlesque artists weave through the audience in this immersive performance every second Wednesday of the month. Grab your tickets now for this 18+ event!

Showtime: 8:00pm
Location: The Attic (1413 9th Ave. SE)$10
Image of artwork by Robin Arseneault

Falling Off The Log

Robin Arseneault’s work is performative, provocative, and luxurious one minute, and silly, self-deprecating, and raw the next. Layers of meaning are first constructed—often through sketches, small collages of found photographs, and ink drawings—then information is intentionally wiped away, removed, torn apart, or erased.

See website for gallery hours
Location: Esker Foundation (4th Floor, 1011 9th Ave. SE)Free
Image of sculpture by Gailan Ngan

From The Studio Floor

Gailan Ngan’s exhibition features hand-built and cast ceramic sculptures that broadly explore shape, surface treatment, and colour. It also presents a collection of industry by-products, organic and processed objects, and studio experiments contributing to a narrative of material influenced by the historically resource-rich West Coast.

See website for gallery hours
Location: Esker Foundation (4th Floor, 1011 9th Ave. SE)Free
Image of text that reads Sugar Burlesque

Sugar Burlesque Nights

Welcome to the rootin’ tootin’ burlesque rodeo so sweet it makes your teeth hurt! Sprinkle a little sugar on your week by enjoying unique, delicious, rum-soaked cocktails while Cabaret Calgary performers do their thing. Get your tickets now for this 18+ show taking place every other Thursday!

Showtime: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: Romero Distilling (300, 688 Heritage Dr. SE)$15
A promo image for Prairie Interlace at Nickle Galleries

Prairie Interlace

Prairie Interlace: Weaving, Modernisms and the Expanded Frame, 1960 – 2000 is an ambitious travelling exhibition that examines the explosion of innovative textile-based art on the Canadian Prairies between 1960-2000. Curated by Michele Hardy, Timothy Long, and Julia Krueger, the exhibition is a collaboration between Nickle Galleries and the MacKenzie Art Gallery.

A promo image for Community Family Drumming Circle

Community Family Drumming Circle

Every other Saturday morning, check out a Community Family Drumming Circle, an opportunity for families with children up to 12 years old to immerse themselves in the rhythms and energies of drumming, storytelling and sharing that reflects traditional ways of connecting spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially. Registration required.

Showtime: 10:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Tawaw West (2340 1 Ave. NW)Free
Kablusiak's depiction of northern lights


mitaaqtuaqtunga (no translation provided) welcomes viewers into an intimate, vulnerable offering of Inuit knowledge sharing. Through an interview with their mother, Inuvialuk artist Kablusiak imparts an ancient story passed down through their family over generations. Make sure to check it out!

See website for gallery hours
Location: The Bows (2001B 10th Ave. SW)Free
Image of Respect and Honour by Gordon Wesley. Oil on canvas.

Stories from the Yethka

As part of a rotating exhibition of artworks that feature connections to the land, Gordon Wesley, a proud Nakoda Stoney from the Bighorn Reserve, brings the life of the wild into the still picture serving as memories of his wildlife experiences. Be sure to check out this exhibition!

See website for gallery hours
Location: Inglewood Bird Sanctuary (425 9th Ave. SE)Free
A promo image for Chitra Ganesh Astral Dance exhibition at Contemporary Calgary

Astral Dance

Contemporary Calgary presents Astral Dance, the first solo exhibition of works by Chitra Ganesh in Canada, and a significant survey of her practice spanning more than twenty years. Ganesh delivers fantastic, dreamlike worlds where the past, present and future are merged into new, speculative propositions.

see website for gallery hours
Location: Contemporary Calgary (701 11th St. SW)With Admission
A promo image for Contemporary Calgary's Human Capital exhibition

Human Capital

Human Capital presents work that offers insight into the impact of Canada’s immigration policies and history: how it treats humans as capital, and the role it plays in shaping the complex and contested formation of a Canadian identity. Make sure to check it out!

see website for gallery hours
Location: Contemporary Calgary (701 11th St. SW)With Admission
Image of an open "magical" book with particles floating out of it

Story Time at Heritage Park

On Wednesdays, treat your little ones to a storytelling session at Calgary’s Heritage Park! Nestle in at various sites throughout the Historical Village as their engaging volunteers share familiar classics and modern favourites. Following storytime, jump into action with movement activities and leave with take-home crafts!

Showtime: 10:30am – 11:30am
Location: Heritage Park (1900 Heritage Dr. SW)$4.95 - $9.95
A promo image for The Picture Method

The Picture Method

The Picture Method is what Jung later called Active Imagination. These works are images that have materialized by using this technique of fishing the unconscious mind. They grow and endlessly evolve over many years, often, if not always, into unexpected results. Check them out!

See website for gallery hours
Location: Sparrow Artspace (36 4th St. NE)Free
Image of Origins 2021 by Mariam Fabijan


This exhibition is part of Miriam Fabijan’s research into motherhood, womanhood, and matriarchy via a Slavic and personal lens. Many of the images in this exhibition come from Slovenian lacemaking patterns and lace she has collected, been gifted, or inherited.  

A promo image for Before It's Gone

Before It’s Gone

Composed of an acrylic paintings by Deborah Lougheed Sinclair depicting the wildflowers of the Canadian Rockies; this exhibition is a celebration of the beauty and diversity of our fragile ecosystems and a warning about the dramatic impacts of human activity and significant climate change.    

see website for gallery hours
Location: ASA Gallery, Crossroads Art Centre (1235 26th Ave. SE)Free
Image of artwork from Fred Spina's Perimeter's Ridge

Perimeter’s Ridge

The Alberta Society of Artists presents an exhibition of paintings, poems, and stories by Ferdinando Spina. Spina’s art doesn’t portray subjects at their prettiest; being pretty is not the point. He cultivates a milieu of ambiguity with characters that are in their intentions and motivations vague.


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