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Black Drones in the Hive

Black Drones in the Hive unfolds in a series of visual chapters to reveal the strategic erasures which have enabled Canadian canons such as the Group of Seven to exist without question or complication. Combing historical texts, petitions, and archives ranging from the local to international, Deanna Bowen weaves together narrative threads of migration, power

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Location: Esker Foundation (4th floor, 1011 9 Ave SE)Free
Making Treaty 7 Artist of the Month Exhibit

Artist of the Month Exhibit

Join Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society and ATB for their Artist of the Month Exhibit, showcasing the beautiful and meaningful works of Indigenous artists from Treaty 7, the Calgary area and beyond. Featuring a diverse range of styles and media, this collection highlights the unique and powerful voices of Indigenous artists who use art to

Richard Clements Cloister

Richard Clements: Cloister

Cloister examines medieval architecture, contemporary currency, ancient form line, taxonomies, and archetypal symbols and how these calcify our shared hegemonic beliefs. In collaboration with the Curator of Numismatics, Marina Fischer, the artist has selected artifacts from the coin collection to show alongside a series of related works and studies.

A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline

A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline

One of the all-time legends of country music, Patsy Cline was always spunky and truly devoted to music. Follow her climb to stardom from her hometown of Virginia to the Grand Ole Opry, Las Vegas and Carnegie Hall with A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline, a tribute to her spirit and a celebration of the

Harvey Nichol — Studio 315 Residency

Harvey Nichol — Studio 315 Residency

Brookfield Properties and Bankers Hall welcome Harvey Nichol as their 2nd artist in the 315 Artist Residency program. Harvey will spend the coming months creating and exploring his creative discipline in an underutilized retail space. Throughout his time there, he will host workshops, invite passersby to view his previous and current work and create and

More Greased

More Greased

Sandy and Danny may have graduated, but there is still plenty of grease to go ‘round. Come back to the bygone days of sock hops and bobby socks, soda jerks and super nerds… and most of all… greasers. It’s that first era of rock and roll music with the songs we all know and love.

All Those Rolling Stones

All Those Rolling Stones

Jubilations Dinner Theatre presents: All Those Rolling Stones! Step into the tumultuous world of All Those Rolling Stones, where the rhythms of an iconic rock band, the ink-stained pages of a revolutionary magazine, and the pulse of a generation converge. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride through the 60s and 70s, where music, media, and

The Big Bang Parody Musical

The Big Bang Theory: A Musical

Get ready for a musical journey unlike any other. Join Sheldon and the gang as they navigate the ups and downs of life, love, and the pursuit of cosmic understanding. With catchy songs, hilarious antics, and plenty of heart, this musical parody promises a laugh-out-loud experience that’s out of this world!

Svea Ferguson — weight lifted

Svea Ferguson — weight lifted

It is through our relationships with material things, including our bodies, that we come to know the world and our place within it. weight lifted, an exhibition of sculptures and digital prints by Calgary artist Svea Ferguson, contemplates material agency. Check it out!

During gallery hours
Location: VivianeArt (1018 9 Ave. SE)Free
The Power of Colours

The Power of Colours

The pieces in ceramicist Aldo Marchese’s The Power of Colours are vibrant explorations of colour and geometric form. Each sculpture is a testament to the powerful influence of colour, an element that profoundly affects our moods, thoughts, and spiritual energy.

Lungs of the Earth

Lungs of the Earth

In Lungs of the Earth, Troy Nickle considers trees as integral extensions of our bodies, functioning like lungs by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and sustaining our breath. Over the years, Nickle’s art has been shaped by a profound relationship with trees, resulting in various site-specific installations and ephemeral works both in natural landscapes and

Ghosts of Canoe Lake

Ghosts of Canoe Lake: New Work by Marcel Dzama

This exhibition marks Marcel Dzama’s return to the Canadian institutional scene after more than a decade. The artist revisits themes of landscape drawn from Canadian art history and his own memories of a childhood spent in the wilds of Manitoba and northern Saskatchewan—all while confronting a natural world threatened by climate change.



The Alberta Society of Artists is pleased to present the solo exhibition L’automatisme with a cultural identity featuring the work of Alberta artist Michael Kiré. Michael began to think what makes Canadian Art Canadian. This exhibition shows an Asiatic cultural influence by merging the disciplines of automatic drawing and writing.”

During library hours
Location: Calgary Central Library (800 3 St. SE)Free

Chuckwagon & Trophy Exhibit

Southcentre Mall has partnered with the World Professional Chuckwagon Association to bring you an exciting in-mall display packed with western legacy, local artwork, and fun facts! Explore their mini racetrack and get up close with dazzling trophies from various Stampede events.

During mall hours
Location: Southcentre Mall (100 Anderson Rd. SE)Free

Landscape Show

Marvel at stunning vistas, intricate garden designs, and inspiring outdoor spaces. Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast, nature lover, or simply seeking inspiration, this show promises something extraordinary for everyone. Don’t miss this chance to explore and be inspired by the beauty of landscapes!

see website for gallery hours
Location: IMPACT Picture Framing (4034 7 St. SE)Free
Chris Flodberg New Works

Chris Flodberg: New Works

TrépanierBaer presents Chris Flodberg’s most recent work in his second exhibition at the gallery. Within his ever-deepening exploration of the possibilities of the medium, Flodberg says “… I want the viewer to relax into the reality of the paintings and be open to a quiet, contemplative experience where conceptual and intellectual reasoning is replaced by

The West Exhibition

The West Exhibition

“The West” features a curated selection of works by prominent and emerging local artists. These artists have drawn inspiration from Alberta’s landscapes, wildlife, and cultural traditions to create pieces that resonate deeply with the region’s identity. The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures, photography, and mixed-media art.


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